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Feudal Overlords

Thanks for the courteous reply. I know many Liberty-minded people like Ayn Rand, and at one time I fell under her sway. The problem is that she is not entirely honest and seems to weave in ideas that are antithetical to western ethics and the public-spirited nature of the classical liberal tradition. Her emphasis on self interest and mockery of self sacrifice are very problematic. The corporatist/crony capitalist era is the apotheosis of this hedonistic and corrupt ideology. I agree that the state is ultimately responsible, but in reality, the corporatists are the state. The state has been captured by the corporatists. Consider the Romney-Bain example: is Romney a Galtian Titan upon whom the lesser men rely? Is borrowing money at artificial interest rates from Goldman-Sachs then buying up, loading debt upon, and selling off companies a noble capitalism? Hardly, in fact Romney and his ilk are more communist than capitalist; they live off the central bank and political money. They trade pieces of paper for the blood, sweat and tears of their countrymen.

Contrary to Rand's so called Objectivism, self-sacrifice is mankind's most noble and divine quality, followed by bravery and kindness. These are precisely the qualities we should cultivate to remedy this mess. These are the qualities which brought us the great victories of liberty from the ancient common law to the Magna Carta to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Randian narrative doesn't ring true because it cheapens the spirit of liberty and confuses villains with heroes.

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics, is to be governed by inferiors ~ Plato