Comment: What is up with this 'Libertarian Redstate' Analogy?

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What is up with this 'Libertarian Redstate' Analogy?

I have no idea what this means. I've seen you use it a couple of times now, and I just don't understand what it means. I don't visit Redstate, and all I know about it is that are a GOP front site and they banned Ron Paul supporters. What does it mean that the objective is Libertarian Redstate?

My whole objective here is to make everyone welcome. Can we all get along? Can we not be united and get along? Isn't that what the whole United States is all about? Are we all united behind George Washington now because he was our first president? We see a picture of him every day, multiple times a day -- on fiat money! Does it even register? The picture is there, but does it retain the message? That is my whole point.

I read your post "Are Ron Paul supporters even welcome here any more?" What does that mean, either? I don't even get the Transformers article. Am I just a dullard? Suddenly I don't understand anything.

Why do GJ posts make you feel unwelcome? Can't you just ignore them? Can't stand people with different opinons from you? (Oh, I forgot THIS IS THE DAILY PAUL!) Have all Ron Paul posts been wiped out? Did I ban you? Have I banned any reasonable Ron Paul supporters recently?

And of all people you! You're the one that got me in trouble for the Oh Long Johnson cat post. Fine, you can post funny cat videos but apparently I can't put them on the front page because of the overly serious nature of this damn website because everyone has to be focused on the literally impossible fantasy of getting Ron Paul elected president. Concentrate! Focus! Don't harsh anyone's fantasy daydream about RP winning the election in November. Believe and it will happen!

This is what I'm trying to avoid. At this point, I'm desperately trying to keep this site from becoming a parody of itself: RON PAUL CAN STILL WIN! IF WE CAN JUST GET 50 MILLION PEOPLE TO WRITE HIM IN - IT IS POSSIBLE. ANYONE WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE THIS IS A QUITTER!

Ok. Sorry. Done ranting. Just had to get that out.

Times, yes they are, a changing. And what is the answer? Out there blowing in the wind. ;-)

I hope things are changing for the best, too. But please, fill me in on what that means, "A libertarian Redstate." Sounds bad. I highly doubt I want that, either.

He's the man.