Comment: Hopefully, I can disagree without being banned

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Hopefully, I can disagree without being banned

You say you're doing what you think is best for the movement and that we are idolizing Ron Paul like a fiat dollar bill.

If you read more of these posts you would see that's clearly not true.

We see Ron Paul as a modern day Founding Father and a rEVOLutionary figure. Even the GOP/CNN and Fox respects him enough to admit he started the modern day Tea Party. I would venture to say you are projecting more of your own (and your inner circle's) view of Ron Paul as a fiat dollar like character.

To most of us what you're saying sounds bizarre.

This place isn't Rolling Stone, some mag started by a band trying to be trendy and make a buck, is it? It claims to be about Peace, Gold, and Liberty and obviously (and ORIGINALLY) about Ron Paul. Otherwise why did did it ever have an about section with his picture/description and later changed to one of you shaking his hand?

We don't come here to worship Paul. Most of us don't have Paul's email or have talked to him on the phone like you have. We don't really know (or care to know) anything very personal about him and his dirty laundry.

Quite simply we identify with what he's done in the GOP and his PUBLIC views on rEVOLution, monetary policy, foreign policy, etc. Ron Paul is a FACE on TV and the Web who has been saying what we we're thinking and feeling AND..

He had a plan.

One that let us watch Bachmann, Cain, Newt, McCain, Huckabee, Guilliani and Perry get DESTROYED in debates. One that inspired by principle (not 'idolatry') an RNC revolt and delegate uprising.

Sorry, but Ron Paul did that--the face we saw on the screen did that. Not quiltingsando's grassroots flag (as nice as it is) or any acronym in the universe.

And did not Ron Paul's face with a black line through it become a symbol not only for his censorship and blackout but the censorship of the whole liberty movement? You were here right?

Removing his picture here and whitewashing over it--a place you personally claimed was a hotbed for the rEVOLution--will be removing the symbol that united us all. It's natural to cause an uproar since it's exactly what the MSM would do if they bought this site. It doesn't matter if you've personally moved on, you can't undo history.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar: