Comment: I was also there...

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I was also there...

Rand never mentioned Romney or the election.

Schiff basically said in the last few minutes of his speech that with Obama, there was no chance of being heard and to start moving in a better economic policy direction, but with Romney, there would at least be that chance.

Dan Halloran (running for NY-6 on the Republican, Libertarian, Independence, and Conservative Party tickets) has introduced Ron Paul on 4 different occasions when he has visited NYC. He was probably the most vocal in supporting Romney... but the focus was all about getting Obama out. For what its worth, he stayed around and talked about how in NY, we might as well vote our conscience.

Did I roll my eyes a lot? Yes.

Did I realize I was watching political theater? Yes.

Were there what you would call more 'mainstream' Republicans present? Yup, and they seemed impressed.

The establishment isn't using Rand to 'take us over.' Rand is a vehicle through which we will take over the establishment.