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Comment: I expected some thumbs down, but

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I expected some thumbs down, but

Help me see what is wrong with this logic. What am I missing?

If Romney loses, we become the scapegoat for the Republican Party and our fellow Republicans will have closed ears to us when we talk about libertarian principles. In their minds, it will be the Libertarians that cost the election. When the economy crashes under Obama, they will not learn any lessons because we are to blame (in their minds).

If Obama loses, (i.e., we help Romney win) then many of our Republican friends and neighbors will be more open to hear what Libertarians have to say. Our liberty-minded Congressmen will have a better chance of pushing through legislation than they would have with Obama. Do you believe Romney will be as trigger happy as Obama in sidestepping Congress with executive orders?

How likely is Johnson going to beat both Obama and Romney, especially since very few outside of our circle have heard of him? Will the electors even vote for him? I haven't made up my mind about him yet.

Sure wish I could vote for Ron Paul. That was an easy decision!