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Thank you for a great ride, and for 8 years of support!

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...for writing this statement, and putting your names to it.

In the days of the NDAA, and federal reports that call right-wingers threats to national security, you may have, like the founding fathers, placed your lives and fortunes at risk.

While that's less probable than when the British governed North America, I still thank you for speaking up regarding the atrocity that took place in Tampa. I watched the video of Gary Johnson speaking at PAULFest, and what struck me near the end is that Romney could have set a similar tone.

Don't get me wrong - Romney isn't going to call for ending the IRS and the Federal Reserve, or back pedal his NDAA endorsement. OK, he might do the last one, since he back-pedals more than Ron Paul pedals around South Texas the old-fashioned way. Point is, though, imagine what kind of GENUINE UNITY (not manufactured, centrally controlled garb) we would have in the GOP if Romney had extended the same kind of olive branch. Something like:

Ron & I have some disagreements, but I respect him for bringing these issues forward, and engaging in a serious debate while others tried to distract us with 'vulture' taunts or other pettiness. We both agree on rolling the state back, its just a question of how much.

Followed by "I have two words for Ron Paul: Thank you."

The problem is that Romney lacks the humility to look over at someone who held a minority rump of support, and instead of going all Bain-tastic and restructuring the Maine Delegation, extend the olive branch and be gracious. In the end, that hurts Romney more than it hurts Ron, believe me!