Comment: Well said. It amazes me that

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Well said. It amazes me that

Well said.

It amazes me that some people here can't see that Rand is doing the exact same thing as Ron did on a larger and broader scale.

Ron used the Republican Party to try to change minds and spread ideas, understanding that it ultimately takes a change in ideas to change the course of a nation.

People say Rand is different because he's playing politics. Ron played politics too. Have people forgotten that video of Ron saying he promised to support Texas GOP incumbents? Have people not noticed that Ron has always walked a line between speaking the truth while trying not to unnecessarily hurt his own party?

Rand is a senator. He has a more powerful seat at the table, and so it shouldn't be surprising that he needs to play more politics than his dad, who was merely a representative. And further, Rand has seen how his father's ostracization impeded his progress, and likely has his own view on what the most effective balance is.

Rand has done a brilliant job at a game that's not easy at all.

Remember, WE didn't elect Rand. We helped, but Rand got elected because millions of Kentucky voters who are NOT like you and me voted for him. Keep that in mind the next time you start criticizing Rand for being a little bit of a politician at times.