Comment: God forbid we hold anybody accountable...

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God forbid we hold anybody accountable...

Who Do We Hold Accountable???
August 19, 2012

Not RP, not his campaign staff, not the Brand Paul turn a noble cause into a business, and target the grassroots… No accountability at all. And if anybody speaks the truth and takes issue with this THEY are the problem… Well talk to me after the convention when whatever goes down, goes down. But some folks have had enough of the run around and are moving on! You have targeted your supporters, abandoned them and now are declaring war on them… Well have your wasteland and call it victory… We deserved SO much more… Pathetic and oh SO sad! They had EIGHT YEARS to get their act together, and they want to kiss the ring, instead of throw it in the fire… Pathetic!

Why are we holding everybody but the people who are directly accountable, accountable? I don’t get it. Once is an aberration, twice is a coincidence, three times it’s a program, how may times do we allow them “to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory…”