Comment: If Rand cannot stand with us, he is over, he is done!

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If Rand cannot stand with us, he is over, he is done!

People created this movement together, no leader chosen or self appointed got us as far as we have and the only reason we are stalling as a freedom movement is because too much trust was put into the people representing us and now people are looking for answers. Rand Paul should be looked to as a SERVANT not a SAVIOR. He isn't our only hope or our last chance, life goes on and there's other people that we can find that are less likely to pay politics or sell us out, enough with the melodrama. Your straining any credibility post-GOP convention if you think any of these games he has played with the establishment or compromises or endorsements have panned out whatsoever. They rubbed it in his face when they sent the TSA after Ron Paul as he was trying to leave Tampa. Rands silly little games could even get his father out of pat-down terrorist interrogation trying to leave on a private plane. Open yours eyes he got played like a rag doll.