Comment: take a deep breath Mr. bill . . .

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take a deep breath Mr. bill . . .

Im not a Rand hater. most of us look at facts.
ron wont endorse romney EVEN NOW!!!!!
Rand did it in like 10 minutes
IMO, Rand's actions werent the real issue here.

Ron Paul is NOT infallible
So, he might have been too busy given that he was almost full time in the congressional duties DURING his full time campaign to realize what benton his FAMILY member was doing.

You dont think there should be any suspicion of Trygve???
Thats foolish!!

Anyone that came on here bashing benton or rand did it AFTER they did significant things that looked foolish and/or countered logic.
I dot remember anyone bashing anyone over their hair or suit color or something insignificant!

Ron Paul is smart and mature enough to take the DP input, IF he reads the Daily Paul, and use it as he sees fit.

Lastly, you can bluster and all these "Ron Paul supporters" can rail on and on about not wanting to hear bad things from us about the campaign, but here's a question NOONE will answer but NEEDS answered.

Ron isnt funded by large corporations who dont care about the $$ they gave him
He's funded by US!!!
Ron stopped the campaign and still had $$ in the coffers and benton knows this!!

where is it? Where'd it go? What is going to be done with it!!

What logic could benton possibly be using to think that the Libertarians do NOT want an accounting of the money left over???
simple Accountability. Not from Ron, but from the campaign management!! thats all anyone wants.

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