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Blah Blah

We surely have bigger things to worry about.

Yes a lot is changing and it should be expected that the Liberty movement is going to fracture and many are going to go in different directions.

I for one am now going to still share a lot of Ron's principles but am going to be joining and working a lot more with the folks that are going with the Venus Project/Zeitgeist model of doing what we can to do dismantle the Federal government because of it's uselessness and irrelevancy. All of the Career politicians at the Federal level contribute nothing of value at all to the People or the Infrastructure of this country. In fact they spend everyday coming up with new ways to rob the people while the Infrastructure of this country crumbles.

It's time to "End the Fed" in a much broader sense..We certainly don't need anymore Lawyers micromanaging our lives and personal affairs. Best of luck to everyone in whatever path you choose to make a difference.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"