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Comment: OK maybe that was a bit harsh of me

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OK maybe that was a bit harsh of me

I guess the point deserves a more serious answer.

First of all we didn't review all these sites or pages for "quality". It might have made for an interesting assignment but believe me THERE WERE JUST TOO DANG MANY, WE'RE TALKING THESE PR0N SITES FILLED ABOUT 15 FEET OF BLUE BAR.

But we had no reason to suspect any of these sites features minors or children and if they had either me or my boss at the time would have picked up the phone and had them arrested.

As it was, I told you it was a contained scandal but about about a dozen dudes instantly "resigned". The VP of the organization was a former Green Beret and he was so mad at these I was honestly scared he was gonna beat these guys into bloody pulps, the man was literally shaking with rage.

Well there ya go. As an IT guy you see things, you see people's personal lives and one of our number one professional ethics is we never divulge these things without a subpoena. So I won't ever mention WHICH organisation. I just figure all things being roughly equal, I'm betting it goes on in ALL ORGANIZATIONS.

Didn't we just find out a bunch of people, high ups in the NSA had tons of kiddie pr0n on their computers but it was determined that for reasons of "national security" they all got off scott-free?

And I'm not trying to come off as sanctimonious because in general I am given unto vice but all my life I have been monogamous. Call it luck but one woman has always been enough for me. Fidelity in that regard just seems to come natural. It doesn't mean I don't look around, it just means I look but don't touch.


Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.