Comment: Long time Republican but

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Long time Republican but

I have voted Republican for 40 years. I have been involved in the Republican Party, have given them money, supported the ideas of smaller government, personal freedom, free enterprise.

However, my son supported Ron Paul, and so did his 3 military brothers in 2008. And I saw how the LaGOP changed the rules back than. I said that I had never heard of him. They explained that the media was had him on a blacklist. The media was owned by Murdock and the Federal Reserve backers. The same group earned money (General Electric, Westinghouse) by making weapons. And stopping war would interfere with their profits.

I started listening to Ron Paul and really admired his stability in not changing his platform no matter who the audience was.

I could not believe that all of a sudden I was being told my the likes of Priebus and Valliere that I am not longer a Republican and that my votes do not count because the party has decided who will run, not the voters. But I learned that I can not trust them, like they didn't trust me. They will lie, change rules, and hurt people to get their way.

Although I have many friends now joining the Republican Party, for what they think a Republic really is, I will not support or vote for the party until Priebus and Valliere are gone. I will never support such bad behavior. They must know that how they disrespected the American people to Win THEIR Agenda, will cost them a lack of respect and THEY will be held responsible for the loss of this election.

I saw how many independents and Democrats are joining the Republican party. But they have NO ideal how many Repubicans they lost.