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in a free society with personal responsibility and all that other good stuff why would ABORTION even be an issue. If you had unprotected sex of ANY kind and feared pregnancy you would beat feat to the nearest dispenser of the morning after pill. If for some reason that were unavailable then you would test as soon as possible and if finding you were pregnant you would immediately request a therapeutic abortion. If that were unavailable for some reason then.. I don't know... I guess women and girls will need to take all that into consideration while planning their personal responsibility.

My issue with abortion is with mid and late term abortion and with women who use abortion as a form of birth control.

I was thinking about what I wrote and could see someone saying well I can't take the morning after pill EVERY TIME I have unprotected sex!
because it's so much easier to cross my fingers and if I get caught I'll just have an abortion. Believe it or not there are women who think like that... I guess in a free society that would be ok tho?

Hopefully in the society you suggest that will no longer be the case because of the "value of potential adults"

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