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Comment: Running in Calcasieu Parish.

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Running in Calcasieu Parish.

Calcasieu Parish. Just got this notice, From Cajun Conservatism Louisiana Political Bombshell: Calcasieu Republicans Endorse Jeff Landry. And no, that is not either of my two friends.

“Jeff Landry is the only proven conservative in this race,” said Bob Dewey, Chairman of the Calcasieu Republican Committee. “The Calcasieu RPEC trusts Congressman Landry to vote in the best interests of the people of Calcasieu Parish and all of SW Louisiana. Jeff will vote people over politics, Louisiana over Washington, and the next generation over his career,” said Dewey."

Nice that Bob Dewey is concerned about family values since his wife who had breast cancer and finished with her treatment went shopping with her sister and found a note on their front door when she returned saying that he is leaving and took some furniture with him to go move in with his girlfriend. They have divorced.