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Comment: I received letter from LaGOP Jason Dore

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I received letter from LaGOP Jason Dore

His phone number is included if you need to varify.

Check out the cope of the same letter.

and today LAGOP talks about McMillin A democrat who turned Republican

McMillin went on to praise Governor Romney and draw a clear line between him and the Democratic Party saying, “He [Romney] stands for the values of the middle class. I work for a living and I don't want the government telling me how to spend my money. We have to get small businesses back to work, and I don't see that happening with the Democratic Party.”

“I want to welcome Hal and his friends to the Republican Party,” says LAGOP Chairman and Republican National Committee Vice-Chairman Roger Villere. “Independents and Democrats alike are realizing that President Obama’s record is one of failure and broken promises. Our party is comprised of small-business owners, manufacturing workers, farmers, fishermen and millions of Americans from coast to coast who make up the middle-class, and they are demanding a new direction for our nation.”

When McMillin was asked if he had a message for other Democrats and Independents who could be on the fence about Governor Romney and President Obama he said, “Just look at the facts and follow your heart. Most of us have good common sense and can see through the rhetoric. The values of the Republican Party are where I feel that the future of our country needs to be, and I hope you will agree.”

“The antics seen at the Democratic National Convention last week show that the remaining Conservative Democrats are the last of a dying breed,” said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “The days of John Breaux Democrats are over. It’s time for like-minded Americans to come together under the Republican Party and reward hard work, promote success, defend life and stand strong on traditional marriage. While Democrats are spending their time booing God and increasing the debt, we are going to focus on real solutions and turn our eyes not to the Government for help but to the source of Government and the values upon which our country was founded.”