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thank you Michael

I just wanted to say thank you to Michael for all his efforts. There is a lot of irony in some of the attack comments below and I think Michael did an excellent job explaining his points.

However, I disagree with his overall strategy. Without Ron Paul being part of the system, none of us would be here. My opinion is that we should be active in the Republican and Democratic parties; heck I believe we should be active in the FED, IRS and CFR; working over decades to dismantle them from the inside.

But no, people will say, it has to be now! The country is ending unless we magically elect Ron Paul president in 2008 2012. The reality is, the world goes on and we need strategies that last 5, 10 and 20-years out.

So we need both -- participate in the current system and work to dismantle it. Most fundamentally, we need our friends and neighbors to participate in our local government. Go to meetings! It's that simple.

And a final point, I don't agree with opening up the topics more. I love conspiracy theories (or did), I grew up writing computer games about them in the early 90s. But now, I'm dismayed by the lack of critical thinking and this narrative about evil supervillians controlling the world.

Oh I know, I just haven't read what you have read right? Or watched the documentary film you did? But actually I have and I thought about it, criticizing my conclusions and ideas. I just ask you to do the same. Be open to every idea, including the one that you (or I) are wrong.