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My notes from Marianne Stebbins conference

Thank you so much nmlifestyles for sharing this. Below are very sketchy notes from what I typed while listening to the recorded conference call with Marianne Stebbins:

Chris Lawton and Bill Rhodes with Marianne Stebbins - taking ownership of a precinct "precinct captains" coordinators "rose up" out of precinct captains and then out of the coordinators(BPOU) arose the congressional district coordinators those people who went over and above and did whatever it took -by being top down but bottom up. How did u identify those? They were in touch with the campaign, doing extra work, asking for extra work -you can tell who is doing the work and so it was those people we would ask to take on the extra responsibility. So that was really the backbone of our organization, people who stepped up to do the job we were very organized organization was key. In 2008 we didn't have as much time so we weren't as successful. Did people get discouraged in 08? it was pretty interesting for us arose finding leaders among them what do you have to say to those walking away from the party in droves now after 2012 criminal behavior on part of gop, some people will just go back to their couch, we have to remember that our goal is not to gain political power, our goal is to live free. people who don't want anything to do with politics, take a break, step away but don't drop out of the liberty movement. Keep your local contacts. we were keeping together and we were networking, bartering, going in on sides of beef, creating ham radio clubs, having Austrian meetups, the most successful ones meetup weekly these are attractive to people who are disgusted with politics, then they did come around and get engaged for the Ron Paul campaign. just be a part of the movement you don't have to be political. keep sight of our mission -to live free, local networks, ham radio club, bartering networks, homeschooling, maybe target practice visit different ranges, form a shooting club, think of all the things you can do to live free, and organize around those . The idea is to keep them interested and keep them in the network. Picnic, just get together for coffee on Saturday mornings, those areas that were strongest for us were those that stayed together. It's a way to stay together. We don't know what is going to happen. We are stronger if we're sticking together. Canning classes you can find someone who is good at it and organize a class for them to teach. Quilting, etc. etc.

the party leadership had at least gotten to know the Ron Paul people and gotten to understand them a little more and were no longer seen as the enemy. We were seen as maybe a little different but we were seen as part of the party. So it was important that a lot of our people did stay involved. Not everyone has to, but it is important for some to stay involved. Take that feeling of being steam rolled, talk about it to the press, to your state party, we're here to help you grow the party. Please don't push us out. In Minnesota, we're not all that Republican here, we need those new recruits. We kept making a big deal about it and the state party just did not want the negative press again over that. So let's welcome these new people into the party. Get to know your state party let them get to know you. if you are willing to volunteer for some of these Republican candidates, please do that. so you can at least have a dialogue when this comes up again. 1st you go up in the precinct, identify like minded people, identify leaders, get them to do certain tasks, district and state leaders. This time we already had some, but some stepped down and some forward. Get together with liberty movement in your area no matter how small or robust. In 2011 we had a little more time and of course now we have time. We tried to make ourselves available through tabling. Just set up a liberty booth or a name if you like. The important thing is that it's very visible at large gatherings. We had the RP 2012 booth at these county fairs. We weren't looking to convert but we were looking for our people. You know how it is. We just had to find and identify them! We did that even at the state fair. There is campaign for liberty. If you want to set up your own type of liberty organization. Just be clear what you're about and set yourself up to be a magnet and they will come to you. Finding your people was the first part of the campaign and then set up precinct captains out of them. Out of those captains, other leaders arose. They will be your workers. Had to train for caucuses. showed them how the slate works. Then we put those people through convention training. We would actually run through a convention and be role playing and try to steam role our mock convention so people knew what to expect and we would use Roberts Rules of Order so people would know what to expect. We would run a secret slate of those caucuses and .... RRO to not let shennanigans take place. So they knew what to expect. Let not the convention be done unto you. Do ye the convention unto others. Usually people will just sit there and they assume whoever is up there is in charge. But he's not the CONVENTION is in charge. So we impressed that upon our people. So that's how we did it from the bottom up.

IDENTIFY like minded patriots, -become a magnet and GROW the network, signing up like minded people, how to organize them? outline was requested. It's all about growing the network. Tabling at county fairs, Each individual talking to co-workers, neighbors, if everyone just found 2 new liberty people, we would triple the movement in a couple of years. So you're pushing it on them to to find additional people when they're out...It's just surprising how much you can grow just through your own individual networks.

Identify your people and grow the network. We do a quick survey in the precinct to identify the like minded people. Another step we took, on the phone your doing voter id, you can do this as an individual group. See if you can get a hold of your voter registration lists, ideally it would be nice to get a hold of the party's voter vault. Typically you have to be on a campaign. Ask if they sell that -the state party's voter list. Have a script and have them identifying their issues, who they supported for president last year. That's another great way to do that. If you are going to put together an organization, then come up with some basic liberty literature -"we live better when we live free" as opposed to having a far away government making our decisions.

Sometimes we have the precinct captain in place before we have 50 people in a precinct. Ask people if they're willing to be a precinct captain. If you're not in campaign mode, ask them if they would be willing to start an e-mail group. If you have someone who is engaged and wants to do something, put them on that and they're going to have to grow that themselves. People will step up and do amazing things when they know that they're responsible. Sets up an Austrian meet-up and that's kind of a hook to grow this precinct organization. He might put up a note in the library. He might put up keywords on FB. When it's not a campaign it doesn't have to be restricted to a precinct. It's going to vary by location/population. The nice thing about having them organize locally. If they've already got their organization together they can mobilize on a dime, put somebody up to run. Power outages, people can help each other out. It doesn't have to be about politics.
It's about liberty. It's about living free. List of activities they can be doing when they're not in campaign mode. It's really not a bad model even if you're out of campaign mode. county coordinators, state delegates, keeping network together. I don't reach down to every person in every precinct. That's where they need to be communicating.

Training? We really focused on those caucuses because they're so new to people. It was very, very important to us to have new people understand that caucus very well. 3-4 trainings a week. We did videotaping for those who weren't able to attend. We had a person to convene the caucus -exactly like a precinct caucus is run. We had them sign in, we elected the convener, the secretary...we went through it exactly the way it would happen. We introduced them to a lighter version of Robert's Rules. We operated the slate. When you're electing delegates, let's say 10 out of a precinct but there are 40 there. Typically not everyone who wants to get elected is going to get elected. So running a slate is really the way to do that. We all knew "which" 10 people(and only 10) we were going to be voting for when we went in there. vote for those 10 and just for those 10. Someone not on the list might come in and give a really great speech on liberty and you'll want to vote for them. But you can't. That slate is magic. Next level, so we got a hold delegates from the caucuses and asked them to come to a convention training, and we would run entirely a convention from calling it to order to a credentials report to electing a chair...and the rules, that was absolutely essential that they understand the proposed rules they hand you are not the rules of the convention. It would be a rules committee chair. We would have them just steam role the rules through. We had people in our convention propose changes to the rules. We had some that would've been "bad" to the liberty movement. We just made sure they knew exactly what they had to do, going into that convention. We made sure they knew that they guy up front did not control the convention but that it was to be controlled by them.

To some degree you've gotta keep quiet about what you're doing. We did surprise them. It couldn't be top down control it had to be precinct captains and coordinators with us helping. Mock conventions and then acted them out in real life and it seemed to work pretty well. You could use those same tactics for electing county officers for local Republican party. Hopefully you've kept your network in tact. You can run the practice conventions. You did an outstanding job on that. Did you have other types of training? ..........For us it was all about caucus and convention training. to get our delegates elected. It's really a blessing because it requires you to be organized. These people got to know each other and developed some really strong bonds. Whatever you're doing, try to have a side benefit of strengthening the bonds that those people become friends and talk and work on other activities. Because the stronger that bond is, the stronger you'll be in politics.

You have to get on FB. You don't have to troll, in lieu of anything else, get that FB network strong. I've had to reject FB friend requests outside of the state of Minnesota. Canning, teach others shooting, that's the kind of activity, camping, survival training, chop some wood or something. Whatever it is, do it! Cause that's where you're going to find your liberty people -those are the people you want even if it's not political. City level contact local groups about canning, etc. Give the local groups some real good ideas on what they can do and then let them do what they want to do. If there are strong networks at the local level, then I network with them at a state level, then when it's necessary, I can work with them then we can shoot!

Recruit liberty lovers without requiring them to be political. We are stronger when we are able to make our own choices. Let people choose if they want to do the political stuff or not and let them know you understand ENTIRELY and just invite them back to your Austrian meetup next week.

APP lets u identify all of her(Michelle Bachman's)? supporters on a certain street. It's got a terrific way to identify. It lets you only call the voters who haven't voted yet. It's a nice way to help a precinct.

Another great candidate in MN who I think would be interested too.

We are offering this to the liberty network. Grab a pen 864-263-3023. Mobile patriot sytem.


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