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Didn't get that one

No I didn't receive it.

Now, no offense to Mr. Delgaudio, but, see, even though :

a. I'm a Christian
b. I believe in family values
c. I believe in not betraying the language further, and I want to continue calling a cat "a cat" and same goes for marriage vs. something that should be named differently


yes... Mr Delgaudio, despite this above,

I DON'T FREAKING CARE for a second about what YOU are concerned with !

Let us leave them ALL alone, the homosexuals, radicals or not and they BETTER leave me alone, too !

Hello ?! Get a clue : don't you see it is just another JAR and label used by a socialist agenda that Divides and Conquer Groups by opposing them to each other ?!

Here is WHAT I worry about :

NDAA, fear and warmongering against Iran AND China, ObamaCare and HR 3962 which contains a provision for RFID implants BE FORCED ON OUR BODIES, damn it !

Also, the next Cyber Security Act in writing, ALREADY !

FEMA camps being prepared !

A Dollar likely about to crash and be replaced by a Globalists' new currency, in the context of an Agenda 21 per which soon it will be ILLEGAL to grow tomatoes in your backyard !

Should I continue ?

What they (the lobbyists) grant the LGBT for good reasons or not is the LEAST of my concerns !

I don't freaking care if some homosexuals are stupid enough to believe that the crooks care about "their homosexual rights" !

Here is how I respect homosexuals : I JUST DON'T look at them as such !

They are just people, and what they do in their bed is NONE of my business.

Goodness !

CAN People wake up OR WHAT ??!!



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