Comment: I'm from RI and I don't like Hinckley

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I'm from RI and I don't like Hinckley

I really don't like the incumbent. But honestly don't like Hinckley. He basically hooks onto anything the Ron Paul folks do and somehow does some sort of mental jujitsu and turns it into a sign wave for him. At one GOP meeting people showed up with their Ron Paul signs - as it was supposed to be a Ron Paul sign wave and Hinckley's lapdog young republican started handing out Hinkley T-shirts and taking everyone's Ron Paul signs and gave them Hinkley signs. Most of the Ron Paul people left in disgust. As I sat through the GOP meeting he made a point to make sure that he wormed his way and sat next to me for the photographers that were there (I'm pretty much the recognizable Ron Paul person) and I didn't like how he needed to make it look like I was OK with him tricking the RonPaulers to come out and do his dirty work. The guy trots out his cute kid and exploits the crap out of him. I'm sorry. I do not like the incumbent at all. But I really don't appreciate Hinckley. AND when asked if it was time to implement stricter gun laws and his thoughts about the 2nd amendment - instead of just saying something like "its in the Bill of Rights and I honor the Law of the Land..." or something as benign as that, he opens his yap and says, "Now is not the time to discuss this without some serious thought." WHAT THE HECK??!! AND every GOP meeting he comes to they have to get someone to bring him out from the bar to which he retreats after he's done his campaigning. I'm sorry. But this guy is already just too much of a politician. I don't care him.