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Comment: Why you are wrong

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Why you are wrong

First of all, it appears that you didn't read the article at all, so making comments on it without having read it displays a certain level of ignorance and closed-mindedness.

You display a breathtaking contradiction here:

Even if the above article contains nothing but perfectly true and immensly valuable information, it does not belong on the front page. We need to present a message of liberty, not miscellany.

In fact it does contain immensely valuable information, which is precisely the reason it is on the front page. So that people can learn of this information and make use of it. Liberty does not exist in a vacuum, in case you havent noticed. We live in a world of miscellany. We are Amusing Ourselves to Death. How can you explain Liberty in the absence of anything that has anything to do with people's lives?

Keep causes separate?

You demonstrate precisely why I was felt the need to remove the Ron Paul picture from every single page of this site. Precisely because of reactions like yours: "What does this have to do with Ron Paul? What does it have to do with liberty?"

I would ask you the opposite question: What does liberty have to do with the way we're living our lives? and I would ask you to likewise consider what you've asked of us:

Just please, *please* try to keep things in perspective and realize how crazy you sound to most people.

While you're at it, read this please: