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One of us

He's running against the establishment, the global financial elite. He clearly states his opinions, almost all matching pro-liberty ideals. He was good governor in a state with twice as many Dems as Repubs. Won 2 terms.

Let's see, so far there is the "CFR" the "Kony deal" the "believes wall street bankers broke no laws", probably more as he gets more visibility.

Paul had his "racist newsletters" and "Storm Front donors" and "Peter Thiel the Bilderberger" etc. Divisive diversions to slander, marginalize or wreck credibility of anyone who isn't "in line" with the establishment.

I have supported Paul since 1988 when I discovered him through the LP. Paul will continue to speak out for the movement (even though he is retiring from office). Johnson will too, but he is engaged in a presidential race, now.

I don't think a lot of people get it, Johnson is also a Paul supporter and is promoting the same basic message, and following through on "Wake up America".

It was minuscule odds that Paul would win, even he knew that. It's the same odds for Gary and Gary knows that. The election candidacies are for waking people up. Taking advantage of the biggest bully pulpit our nation has.. a presidential election.

I'll campaign, support, donate and vote for Gary, just the same as Paul. It wakes people up. It makes the establishment lackeys nervous. That's a good thing..