Comment: So the above wont work anymore....

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So the above wont work anymore....

It's still a required component, but now the 2016 cycle will be different and harder because of the RNC rules changes.

It's no longer sufficient to wake up 1-2 years before the national convention to get votes and delegate positions.

You have to be involved now and TAKE OVER YOUR STATE GOP. If you do not do that, it wont matter anymore if you get every single state and national delegate positions at caucuses and state conventions.

You will have to be the people who SUBMIT the delegate names to the RNC, which means you have to control the executive board of your state GOP.

So, for those "disgusted" who go back to their homes to wait for the next liberty candidate and who are NOT running for their state GOP central committee, 2016 is ALREADY lost.

There you have it.