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Comment: Please do not make decisions in haste: please read below

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Please do not make decisions in haste: please read below

Can you please give us hard-core Ron Paul supporters a break because we are just getting our people back from Tampa, strategizing for what is next, and knowing we are not attending a funeral for Ron Paul, he still has a pulse and his body is still very warm before continually posting this stuff on here? I believe in freedom, but it does come with responsibility and consequences. I would think that most of you would think before you jump on the GJ bandwagon and tell all of us what "we need to be doing."

We are hearing this repeatedly, but none of us go off willy-nilly to support a candidate. Did you not see us in Tampa? This is not a fly by night deal, this is our life and our lifestyle.

People are needing time to think, research, pray, take a break and a breath. This is not an easy decision and all these ideas have been literally thrown at us:

1) Vote for Obama it will sink Romney and he can pay for what he did to us and this way we only have 4 more years
2) Vote for GJ it will show we are not fringe
3) Vote for Romney because we need to take Obama down at all cost because he is the worst president in history
4) WRITE-IN Ron Paul in all the states he takes write-in, it will show we are not fringe and we can sleep well at night
5) Talk to the electorate because they are what really matter

We have a lot to think about. It does not help getting GJ shoved down our throats. I trust that we will do the research and our due dillegence and will choose together the right avenue to take. What do you do if you are on fire, you stop, drop, and roll. If we just run off in one direction the fire may spread rapidly and we will go up in flames, burn ourselves to death. Noone wants this. We want to make the best moves possible for the long haul, the joining of others, and to not divide all the work we have put in for so many years. We want to continue to grow and wake up more of our country to the idea of freedom and what it really means. We do not want to self-implode. We will take the time we need, but we are not hastily going to support GJ without all the research. AND or that matter we are not going to jump ship in support of Romney or Obama without thinking this all thoroughly through.

I will work tirelessly on the write-in campaign if it furthers the liberty movement. the jury is still out for me. Sure it would be easier to walk in and put my name on the ballot for one of the above, BUT I personally have a lot to think about and will not make my decision in haste.