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Yes, you help will be needed.

Please register your name by sending an email: Anyone who can research all the nuances of each write-in state would be helpful, but let's not double the work.

Now doing Iowa and Wisconsin. Who will do Vermont and New Hampshire? (etc)

Again, Write-IN absoulute count states are: AL, WI, NJ, VT, NH, IA, CA, RI, DE, & PA. There are a good deal of electorals there.

Regardless, let's get all those absentees done, now; mail in any form needed, get the ballot, and get a copy or two; scan, fax, upload, the ballot to: (ready on Sept. 11). Or, mail it to: WriteInRon2012 Box 855 Lincolnshire, IL 60069. This is real. We'll count all the 2012 votes ourselves.

Other votes can fill out their affidavit online, then get notarized, then upload, scan, etc. We've got bigger numbers than anyone. Let's prove it.

Apparently, DE is on the list, too. Can anyone confirm this?