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Trial by Jury

It may be that authority must be abdicated in almost all things, and here too it may help to seek that authority from outside the individual, by asking God, or by asking someone who listens to God better than most, or for those who reject notions of God, seek that authority and find that authority, on this question - please.

Is there anything, at any time, that requires an individual to defend their own authority, and that thing, at that time, demands from the individual an irrefutable Stand on Self Determination, or individual judgment, or personal POWER OF WILL, or soul reaching righteousness?



Or are we all a bunch of sheep, giving up Life, and therefore Liberty, for anyone, or any external power, ordering our sorry behinds to obey each command without question?

No, Joe, I can hear the well washed brains, suffering from their various levels of behavioral modification, response conditioning, manufactured consensus, etc., no, no, it, IT, it, is not Black and White.

It is grey.

We, these human beings, we people, we kind of, sort of, and ambiguously, obey, or don't obey, according to external powers, external pressures, and our internal quasi judgements are subject to what we can get away with, what other people allow, what our individual will power can do, so long as we don't get caught doing?


Joe asks, not God asking, not Government asking, not the Judge asking, not the Law Enforcement Punisher Asking, just me, just one person, just one individual, asks if there is anything, at all, that another person will retain as being within their exclusive sphere of authoritative POWER?

I'm not alone either.

I happen to be married to someone who says that if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.

So what, then, is the Stand, the line in the sand, whereupon the Sheep People no longer accept the fate of being subjected to any demand from any POWER outside their own self aware BEING?

All you sheeple, on command, bend over, right now.

You, yes you, may want to read a word or two on ONE case of ONE line being drawn in sand, in time, in a place, and then know better as to those POWERS that work so well at erasing such lines drawn in such sands in OUR TIME.




What is the point?

Who is the boss of you?

Look in the mirror.

You will again be at a point where the power struggle leaves you no option to give up your authority, too bad for you, you are your boss.

You will be your own boss at a time and place, even if it is judgment day and God gives you one last multiple choice question, so get your ducks in a row sinners!

That does happen, and you can shoot the messenger while you can, because you have that authority too, in your own mind.

Shoot the messenger while you can.

You will be, someday, the only boss.

You will be at a point where the power struggle leaves you no choice other than to decide, without external power, only you, just you, and you have to be the ONE judge, and what you decide is what you have to pay for, one way or the other.

No more room for excuses.

Pay or pay more, no time left for evasion of responsibility.

Get to the point?

If you give up authority to someone who claims that your choice, at that time, removes your authority from you from then on, then you may want to rethink such a decision YOU make at that time, because the PERSON you give such authority to will then claim that it was YOU who gave THEM everything YOU gave them, without exception, YOU gave THEM the whole enchilada, the whole 10 yards, and YOU bet the FARM on THEM being GOOD for YOU FOREVER.


Sleep sheep sleep?

Look at the mist, sheep, it is so, so, grey.

It is so, so, so-so.

Run Slave run, right into the trap, here are your papers, and you no longer have any time to read Trial by Jury, because you have The Script that says the same thing, over, and over, and over again.

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go, to pay my taxes with my dollars, I owe, I owe.

Run slave run.

What is the point, Joe, I wish you would get to the point.


I'm blowing smoke, and using mirrors, and YOU have yet to read Trial by Jury?

How about an experiment?


If you were called to Jury Duty and you didn't find a way out, and you sat on the Jury and you think, and think, and you decide, and you have had enough, and you now want to either PUNISH that person who you may have presumed to be innocent, or you want to set that person free from PUNISHMENT by other people, because you may have presumed that person to be guilty, and THINK with your own BRAIN, please, please, please, about the following scenario.

What if the person you are going to either PUNISH with your POWER to do so, or protect from PUNISHMENT with your POWER to do so, is a JUROR who allowed a TAX EVADER to be allowed to walk free despite the charge of tax evasion charged against him, or her, because of his, or her, or their refusal to pay a Federal Income Tax to The IRS, which is a faceless, soulless, Communist Bureaucracy, a FRAUDULENT Fictional Being, and failure to pay IS PUNISHED without exception, so as to keep ALL THE SUBJECTS PAYING without question.


Joe is a nut?

That is the set-up, and you can use your imagination, you can look for previous cases of such things, to see if such things are real, and you can imagine the POWER held in your own hands, legally, to PUNISH or secure an individual's LIBERTY from PUNISHMENT, on your exclusive ORDER, your POWER, your AUTHORITY, within limits.

What limits?



You alone can set the accused free from PUNISHMENT, but it takes 11 of the same Legally Franchised Judges to allow PUNISHMENT to be EXECUTED.

One, individual, one person, one human being, randomly selected from the entire body of citizens, can break the chains that bind each citizen to their benevolent dictators, or to their violent oppressors, just one, anyone, like taking out a phone book and randomly picking a name, and asking that one person, yea, or nay, on the question at hand, handed to you right now, in "theory", or in practice, depending upon actual reality.

I actually have my Jury notice reminding me of the call to action.

Someone is going to give me the POWER to punish, or the POWER to secure LIBERTY for my fellow citizen?


There aught to be a law against such nonsense as this idea that one individual, especially that Joe guy, no way, they can't just let anyone have such POWER, can they?

The point:

Pretend that you are to judge the juror and the executioner who set a tax evader free.

Is that too much work?

How about some help?

Google Searching for IRS acquittal jury.

Three words.




Google it. Do it now slave. Oh, wait, I'm not the authorities, so you can decide not to obey my order. You can question my order. I can't make you Google those three words.

How about a tinyurl?


Too much work? The anti-counter-revolutionary enemies of our enemies who are our friends can't agree on who is friend from foe anymore?

How about the first link in the first page in the search for data concerning a Trial by Jury when enforcing Fraudulent payments of Legal Debt to the Frauds who create that debt and hand their victims the bills?

I'm watching, and then I'll comment.

"At that point I felt betrayed."

Powerless sheep?


All I can do is hand someone else my authority?

And, and, and, I have to hand my authority to either of two very evil people?

Quote time:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
― Samuel Adams

You are powerless

You are powerless

You are powerless

You are powerless