Comment: This proves they're afraid

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This proves they're afraid

As someone said below it's not that they are afraid GJ could win, it's that it could be such a close election (largely because of what an awful candidate flipflop Mitt is) that a few percent in key states could make all the difference.

Yes they would blame the liberty movement, especially if a good chunk of the votes go to Ron Paul write-ins in states that report write-ins because then the message is crystal clear.

But why do people talk about us being blamed as if that's a bad thing?

The RNC and Mitt can't blame the liberty movement for their loss without (a) shining a light on the corruption that created the disgust that is the cause of that loss, and (b) admitting that we are collectively a significant force in elections that they cannot afford to ignore. Both of those are very very good things. We shouldn't be running from those, we should be doing everything we can to make it happen.