Comment: McCain, Lieberman & Graham were just over in Italy

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McCain, Lieberman & Graham were just over in Italy

running their mouths the other day about how the US foreign policy is a "train wreck" for not having bombed Iran to smithereens yet. The gig is up and these stooges are being outed for the warmongering luntics they are.

McCain: Iran situation a 'train wreck'
By DAN PERRY | Associated Press – Sat, Sep 8, 2012

McCain said sanctions almost never work, Lieberman said the 'red line' should be weapons capability and not the actual creation of a weapons, and Graham said the United States should make it clear that if Iran pressed on it faced a 'massive attack' from the United States and not Israel, a scenario which he said Iran's leaders know they could not survive.


He was equally dire on Afghanistan, where NATO headquarters in the capital, Kabul, was struck Saturday by a suicide bombing that killed six and was claimed by the Taliban.


McCain said that Obama should also sidestep a paralyzed United Nations and reluctant NATO to cobble together a coalition of European and Mideast nations willing to lend a hand — arming the rebels and backing them in establishing a safe zone in the north.

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