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Comment: I don't think so

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I don't think so

I really think the only way they will get any message is folks showing up to the central committee meetings and kindly telling them, putting the thoughts in writtng, asking for a resolution..

I don't like what the RNC did, no one on my committee is impressed, but no one wants Obama either, at least with Romney we empower our local seats.

You know the GOP just GAINED huge in new seats from Ron paul registration and Palin's folks are stepping up to bat and taking OUR seats while we "protest" Romney giving TPTB exactly what they want: Obama. We're being played and I hope we can take the loss, I mean Ron paul never had the numbers to win anyways.. so let's get back in the game with MORE people.. this whoe GJ is a red herring... truely a shame and not about liberty at all.

Love to you and Mrs Spacehabits.