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eyewitness testimony=actor reading script

This is not an eyewitness that risks anything. He is completely free to say what he wants, protected by the first amendment, Same goes for the MSM. They can legally just make up the news if they want to, without any threats from the courts - free speech they call it. It is no legal risk for me to state or to witness that last week I was on a journey with some UFOs to a bunch of other planets. Of course I made that up, but there is nothing punishable by law there.

We have this other false witness or actor called The Harley Guy. Listen and watch when they regurgitate the script on 9/11 on live News:

His name is Mark Walsh and he worked for Fox.

There are lots of fake witnesses on TV, or actors reading scripts, or propaganda agents. How do you think propaganda or perception management is done? By chemicals? Or some form of media fakery or scripted and staged reports?

Also always have in mind this quote from Lenin:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."