Comment: LOL ... mulching your plant pots ... that's the spirit.

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LOL ... mulching your plant pots ... that's the spirit.

(That's what I was thinking.) I was wondering how well that method scaled down. Btw, do you happen to know what the best books are on growing nutrient dense foods in container gardens?

Speaking of mulching, I've heard that it's best to have a mixture of chipped branches and twigs vs the plain wood chips. I'm not sure what the ideal size is but I read about one person who said their chips were too large so it took longer to break down. I haven't read a book about it so I don't know much about the details.

Speaking of mushrooms, Paul Stamets has mushroom kits a person can buy. I'm not sure if he has any specifically for inoculating wood chips, though I did see him use some to reduce oil spill waste in record time.