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The absolute authority of each individual over themselves that you speak of comes from Almighty God.

And the limits are those set down in the Bible.

That gives them an absolute right to worldly Liberty, in exchange for spiritual enslavement to Christ/ God.

You can have spiritual liberty and worldly enslavement. Or spiritual enslavement and worldly liberty. Not both.

That is why the struggle for earthly liberty is inherently bound up with Protestant Christianity. They are essentially the same thing.

If you serve man, you cannot serve God. And
If you serve God, you cannot serve man.

The only justified authority over anyone against their will is that of Almighty God.
And that is to each man unto himself alone, it cannot ever be from one man unto another.
So in this world, the only legitimate authority over him is by rules that he has freely and voluntarily agreed to bind himself by.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.