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Yes, yes, this is the POWER that avoids monopoly, peacefully, reasonably, voluntarily, agreeably, and so hope is now visible from the dark despair of abject misery purchased with falsehood?

"Maybe we wouldn't even need competitive currencies so much if we had true trial by jury?"

What you begin to see, when beginning to see what works IN Liberty, does work IN Liberty, such as competitive currencies, and Trial by Jury, so there is hope, in you, an individual.

What is left to do?


Math is a tool that can help us to accurately measure our individual POWER, one added to one, making two, two each adding one more, making four, four making eight, and so on.

How does Liberty work?

It is POWER, and it works in numbers, in opposition to nature, where we must cooperate and dominate nature, going forth and multiplying, and we, our numbers, have at least one other chore that can't be avoided, because our opposition targets us, and intends to exploit us, so we are forced to deal with them.

How do we deal with them?

We volunteer our time and energy in the necessary work required to AVOID those who wish to enslave us?


Does someone have a supposedly better idea?

Voluntarily welcome Fellow Friends of Liberty into a cooperative, and mutually beneficial, aggregate sum total of work done to AVOID being victim to people who work to enslave us.

Demand from each other absolute obedience in the practice of providing the means by which we suffer as we work more and more to make our criminal overlords more powerful, because that is the only way we can see to punish everyone who is bad, which is everyone, while we try desperately to get away with our own crimes, avoid getting caught, in this wild orgy of might making right at the expense of any innocence left unmolested?

What happened to Common Sense, it went the same way as Trial by Jury?

Seriously, you are beginning to see, and why are we, then, choosing Fraud money that costs us everything, and makes a very few people absolutely POWERFUL?

That is called a choice?

Love it or leave it?

Are you serious?

"So I am trying to understand that portion of history."

Jurors were bought off, bribed, paid to stand instead, or hired as replacements, an abdication that favored the despots among us, if I remember well.

"I wonder what “ancient charter” is being referenced? But it sounds to me like the Danbury Baptists were not fairing so well under a Democratic Federated Republic. Or was their state maybe still practicing some law as set forth under English rule? I guess that could be the case."

That may have been a reference to Magna Carte, I don't know, but that time period between 1776 and 1788, as an example of what can work, an example of a more Voluntary form of self government (voluntary means self), was not perfect for many reasons, those days were very turbulent in many ways compared to the average Cost/Benefit measure today, or the average Cost of Living/Standard of Living enjoyed, making people happy, today.

In The Pursuit of Happiness, such as running away from people who intend on burning you at the stake: the Ocean journey was not an affordable Cabin on a Luxury Liner.

Stepping back, as I tend to do, to see the big picture, consider, please, such things as Egyptians finding the POWER to build Pyramids, without electricity, and without Bulldozers.

Is the POWER being used to make might right (Legal Crime) or is the power being used to make more power (Liberty)?

How much POWER is in the total supply?

In Liberty each individual pays for their own mistakes, if they waste their power, they may depend upon true charity, and they may learn not to make the mistake over and over again.

In Legal Crime the victims provide the means by which we suffer and that suffering just so happens to make some people very happy, so long as they can pass on the suffering, the costs, to their victims.

"If you can tell me, why is not true Trial by Jury the missing link to Liberty, and why does Dr. Paul not speak to it? Or maybe he does and my ears are not keen to it. Maybe economics is just at curtain hiding Liberty via Trial by Jury?"

Ron Paul is a specialist, and he set the bar very high, as to what can be done in that special field, a Statesman, not a Juror, and there may be much to learn by his example, such as the decision to focus on a very narrow beam of POWER aiming at a few very troubling concerns. Omission can be a willful crime, or it can be a balance of power issue, along the lines of triage?

If you had 3 things only, what would those three things be, on your special to do list today?

End the FED
End the IRS
NO MORE LEGAL CRIMINALS running The Military

The Ron Paul example, if used by a Juror, can be good too, as we can find ways to avoid resort to deceit, threats of violence, and violence upon anyone, including the guilty?