Comment: What's with all the Nystrom bashing?

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What's with all the Nystrom bashing?

I've had many phone conversations with Michael (and others from DP) and of all the characters on this site I would certify Michael's as the most genuine, humble, and approachable -- he is infectious (especially his laugh).

I never post on any other RP websites -- including the official one.

I rarely post on either.

I post on the Daily Paul because I find the widest range of views (within the liberty movement) and greatest opportunity for open-minded debate.

If you don't like an open atmosphere I can point you to websites I've been banned from and you can try your luck there, smile.

How many websites can you kick the tar out of the owner and not find your post or membership deleted.

Hell it was on Daily Paul that I coined the phrase "Birther" (though you guys do not use it right).

That's o-u-t-r-e-a-c-h people.