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Comment: This site is all about disagreeing and not getting banned

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This site is all about disagreeing and not getting banned

It is about sharpening your debate skills, learning, teaching, understanding, growing, which includes standing on your own two feet, not looking backwards and relying on someone else to save you or stand up for you or do anything else for you.

I would venture to say you are projecting more of your own (and your inner circle's) view of Ron Paul as a fiat dollar like character.

Who else's view should I, or can I, possibly project? I'm an individual who believes in individualism. I'm not going to project your view, I'm going to project mine. Duh. And as far as saying he is a 'fiat dollar like character' - I never said that. I said look at George Washington on the one dollar bill. He is there every day. You see him there every day. Do you feel united and inspired by that picture? Do you even know what it stands for? Unlikely. Which just goes to my point that a picture in and of itself will not do what you think it will do. A picture will not unite people. It is the principles that Ron Paul stood and stands for that unite us all.

To most of us what you're saying sounds bizarre.

To most of the country, and all of Congress, what Ron Paul said sounded bizarre. You're making a "majority rules" argument, which is completely inappropriate for a Ron Paul supporter. What is so disheartening, so disappointing about people like you is that while you claim to be a Ron Paul supporter, it seems that you have learned almost nothing from the man. You think seeing picture on a website is more important than putting his ideas into practice.

Removing his picture here and whitewashing over it--a place you personally claimed was a hotbed for the rEVOLution--will be removing the symbol that united us all.

Go forth and multiply. We were united for Ron Paul's presidential run, which is now over. There is no way we are all going to stay united now, but nor is there any reason we have to. Already there is division. Some support Johnson, some don't. Some support Rand, some don't. Some support Romney, some don't. Some will vote, some won't. Trying to tie us all together until the end of time will only cause what we've seen here: a bunch of infighting and sniping at one another.

Division is not inherently bad. What is the first thing that happens to an egg after it is fertilized? It divides. Then it divides again. And again. And again. And before you know it, it has grown into a complex and very capable organism.

Which would you rather have for the Liberty movement? That, or a unified, unfertilized egg that does not grow?