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Good on ya

Land can indeed provide a good living, the best man at my wedding is a very successful farmer in Ill. However, much of his and man many other a farmers success is based on gubbiment subsidies. I am not looking at gold as my only savior and I think I've stated that above. I have land (with fresh mountain water we pull from the ground and no cost), guns, ammo, gold and silver. I'm diversified pretty heavily, just not in the 'paper' market.

I don't claim to hold all the answers and I certainly don't work just to buy gold or silver. I do feel comfortable that IF everything were to change tomorrow that my family will be comfy and productive while the Urban centers burn away.

What you mentioned about land and how many people need to be fed on from the farmland we have is of great interest to me that last few years. You're dead right imo on that and I see corporations buying up that farmland more and more each year. Something has to give and man o man that is a conversation that can move into a thousands of tangents.

My last thought on this is that if you are thinking about diversifying and hedging with gold a little bit, it will only take more crappy USD's to buy that gold as time moves forward. Sure, there may be a short dip here and there in price, but I am pretty certain gold will never see the likes of $1500 an ounce ever again.

Happy farming, TDD.


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