Comment: Wow it's amazing people base

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Wow it's amazing people base

Wow its amazing people base their vote on well nothing but superstition. What ever happened to sticking to the facts like his track record as Governor in NM? You think Ron Paul never hired someone who was CFR? Chances are Johnson had no clue about CFR till he started supporting Ron Paul.

What politics does he no share?

End the wars
bring the troops home
Balance the budget
Cut spending by 43% right now
Cut Foreign aid

You think Ron Paul could do any better then that if elected?

Jeeze people help yourselves for god sake and move forward instead of pinning all your hopes on one man and squandering all the hard work.

I can't help but wonder where we might be if Ron Paul had put all this energy into building a 3rd party instead of fighting the GOP establishment. Not saying it did no good it brought him nation wide recognition. But even with the great gains look what happened the establishment GOP still beat you down and kicked the crap out of you.

But now that hes out it seems many in the liberty movement will squander his notoriety based on their Hero worship of Ron Paul instead of doing whats best to move liberty foward.

Remember Ron Constantly reiterated its not about him. It appears many do not get that...

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