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what people are saying in the comments that one of Johnson's campaign advisers that worked for the CFR years after Johnson was long out of office that he is connected to the CFR. Did anyone even read the post? (good post by the way) So saying this, that he is connected to the CFR, is the same as saying that Ron Paul is connected to Bilderburg because of that guy from the one of the liberty PAC's went to the Bilderberg meeting this year? Or that he just ran for president to get supporters money like Jesse Benton or John Tate did? And this whole thing on his stance on humanitarian wars or stopping genocide is wrong or makes him a neocon; let me ask you this; if your neighbor and his family was getting murdered next door you wouldn't help because that is interventionism? What about Germany and what they did; taking over Europe and killing millions of people and dumping them in mass graves; would you not want to stop that? If he is for stopping genocide then if he was president then he would come out against the UN for the genocide in the third world countries. Oh and one more thing; do you really think if he got elected Ron Paul would not be in his administration, and a very powerful position at that?

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