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Newly enlightened

I have always been a conservative. But, I was more enlightened by Dr. Paul of his message about liberty. Now, I have definitely changed my minds on a few issues and disagree principally with Republican.

Gary Johnson is the one among the three that has more agreement with Dr. Paul. He does not have the thirty years record as Dr. Paul does. But, he is just like most of us, who has been enlightened recently, and has changed his view on what he used to believe. If he is willing to carry on the message of Dr. Paul, then I will support him, and hold his feet to fire. Even he is not 100% Ron Paul, his presence on the ballot gives us a chance to vote for the principle of liberty.

The RNC has to learn that if they want our support, then they have to learn from Dr. Paul, and join us. Let politician Johnson to us, and we shall influence and guide them.