Comment: Genocide

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In response to the writer's comment about stopping genocide.
The U.S. did not enter WWII because of genocide and mass graves.
We entered the war first with Japan, then Germany because Germany declared war on us. Nothing to do with genocide.(Of course Roosevelt was itching to go to war with Germany and succeeded through the back door, inspite of 80% of Americans objecting to another war.)
If the U.S. waged war on every country that commits genocide, we'd be perpetually at war (which we are now), even though they may not have waged war against us. This is most certainly interventionism.
Non intervention doesn't mean approval of heinous acts in foreign lands.
We see the blowback today as a result of our policing, overthowing regimes,invading, bombing and at the same time sending tens of billions in foreign aid to these countries, all of which is intervention. It MUST stop.