Comment: just thought i should come back and add a reminder

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just thought i should come back and add a reminder

this tone sounds completely like what establishment republicans have been telling their more conservative members who didn't like romney's record.. 'vote romney cus you have no choice'


some republicans like laura ingraham and rush limbaugh have recently discussed in open the idea of abandoning GOP should romney lose and moving to establish a true conservative party instead, of which i suspect is one much closer to paul's pro-life, regulated border, austrian economics as opposed to johnson's platform and they will be much more open to a less aggressive foreign policy (just as johnson tries to scale back his tone on foreign policy LOL), and since big money will be floating there along with it, there's going to be fierce competition for any 3rd party trying to boot up, so you will need unique message and principle--THE selling point of this era. but no, LP chooses this exact timing to come up with their mitt romney of libertarians. this is just beyond fail of any verbal description. LP is plainly hilarious