Comment: It's SO obviously a 'Fake' Photo

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It's SO obviously a 'Fake' Photo

It's SO obviously a 'Fake' Photo, or at least a VERY poorly done Photoshop job. The two individuals on the right for instance. Their shadows overlap and make a DARKER shadow. This doesn't happen.

Just take a flashlight and aim it at a wall or the ceiling. Cast two shadows with your two hands in the light without crossing them yet. Now make one hand slightly cross in front of the other making the two shadows come together. The part of the shadow that comes together from crossing one hand in front of the other IS NOT DARKER! RIGHT? Multiple light source anomalies could be of question here... but to me the shadows just don't seem to flow naturally.

This same 'darkening' happens when you overlap two layers in Photoshop that contain partially transparent shadows. Where the shadows come together, you will see an overall darker shadow where they are overlapped. The same would happen if you took two pair of sun glasses and wore one pair over the other. The glasses would be considered your 'layers'. The result is a darker visual. This is because they are both partially transparent. The light filtering of the glasses together would be double that of the single pair.

Besides... The second individual from the left is really missing his shadow... or did his shadow just really miss its mark way off to the left of him? Maybe Peter Pan can do this trick... but come on.

The first thing that caught my attention was that the textured wall behind them looked fake. The photo's resolution is brought down just far enough so that you cannot make out the press badges. I really think this could be more about creating confusion, meant to heat up the nerves of some already pissed off people over here.

BTW I use Photoshop daily. I could have done a photo like this much better. But I have ethical and moral issues with this and what it will cause.

Your brother in liberty,
Joe Patriot

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