Comment: Did you go to ONE committee meeting?

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Did you go to ONE committee meeting?

Did you even try to become a delegate?

Too many did not. We did NOT have the people on committees, as delegates to win. We had the biggest fan club on Earth.

WE FAILED making Ron Paul president. All we did was make RON PAUL ROCK STAR. He NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS people on committees, running for office and becoming THE establishment TO WIN. If you don't the corporations will. We didn't; THEY DID!

Too many were is awe of Ron Paul and sent $20.12 to a money bomb and then expected someone else to do the work.

Of 800 people in my county that voted for Ron Paul in the primary, I was the only one who actually showed up to the central committee, became a delgate and stood for Ron Paul. That is SAD.

Too many sit on their asses and BITCH about EVERYTHING, but won't go to ONE committee meeting, and challenge them YOURSELF.

You expect Ron Paul, his small campaign, and a few people to do EVERYTHING FOR YOUR $20.12 and a bumper sticker.

Now you say they rEVOLUtion will remain in your heart. Well, my friend, it takes more than that. It starts in your heart, and then you have to use your head to find the GUTS, to go to a committee meeting and CHALLENGE them, become them, materialize the message.

Today there are two of us on my committee, and I LOVE it. I can't wait for my next meeting. I AM RON PAUL VOTING NO TO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. Why aren't you? Excuses excuses excuses excuses!!!!!

Do your kids a real favor, GET REAL, GET INVOLVED FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, give them a legacy: YOUSELF.