Comment: ... and to smear people for asking questions, apparently.

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... and to smear people for asking questions, apparently.

I'm being falsely accused of saying that GJ is a CFR member, when I NEVER said such a thing. All I did was pose the question about his fmr. campaign manager going on to join the CFR, and serving in the leadership ranks of the organization.

But apparently, according to Mr or Mrs(?) RONonymous, asking simple questions about a candidate is heresy and an attempt to "smear" them.

In my opinion, it's NOT asking questions that's put us in the mess we're in today. And the fact that someone would literally try to smear me by accusing me of smearing people and by inference, try to associate me with the people who tried to smear Dr. Paul, which is another blatant lie about me. RONonymous is acting like (and to be clear, I'm not calling him/her one, just their attack on me) a TROLL.

It's very Anti-Liberty to bash people for posing questions about any candidate. Especially if that candidate claims to be anti-war, but said he would support military action in Uganda, and also says that he'd keep Git-Mo open. But I'm assuming that RONonymous would say it's slander to point out things that Gary Johnson himself has said on tv in interviews. Not to mention the fact that Johnson has recieved donations from the Koch's. Those are questions that need to be asked, and accusing people of "smearing" Johnson for bringing up valid (no matter how minor they may be) questions.

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