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Comment: If,as Doug Weed said and I

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If,as Doug Weed said and I

If,as Doug Weed said and I see no reason to doubt him, the campaign cowered to threats by Romney and elected not to attack him...What is the use in debating these clowns? To help Romney defeat Obama? I wouldn't think Ron would end his career on the note he apparently is. That being to go into retirement on his knees after a career of fighting on his feet! Seems there is some legal recourse,at the very least,he could persue. Anything to send a message of his disdain for the antics of the GOP! How about introducing legislation that would outlaw these electronic voting machines and/or that would make sure political parties can no longer commit election fraud,at least not so easily! Romney and the GOP should be exposed to the entire republic for their role in fixing this upcoming presidential election for Obama's reelection!!! Romney has less chance than McCain had in '08. Everyone who has been paying attention these past two election cycles knows that the media as well as the GOP have committed acts of treason against this nation...Obama and the democrats most certainly have as well. Come on,Obama is not an American and both parties are very much aware of this. It won't be long now before it really starts hitting the fan!!! The root of our problem is the Rothschild International banking family. Those who have allied behind them,including the US and other government's make a global awakening/revolution a must if we are to succeed in our cause for personal liberty and freedom...or if we are to survive at all...Be at the ready my fellow men and women,soon you'll be forced to make a stand,let us not waiver or fail when called,our cause is just and worthy of battle,theirs is of lust for absolute power. This battle is 'til death and deceit is their weapon...spread the truth and it shall prevail!!!

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!!