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The live news broadcast is by far the best 911 video

No doubt about it. You have to start with what they really told us before they got their acts together. You only have to watch all channels up until after the collapses:

You have to follow what they really told us 911 or you will be dragged into some of the very many distractions and all the nonsense out there.

Hard to tell what video that will suit you. Depends on how much you already understand. If you even don't know that fake news exists, it is no point in showing you the hard core stuff, etc. First you need to understand that fake news exists.

This could be the best 911 video. Title is too controversial to be quoted on DailyPaul:

I myself like this review of the first eye witness interviewed on live news that day:

Fantastic 911 music video:

Some very clean actors reading scripts 911:

Fake actor in a clean firefighter costume 911:

Some relevant pre 911 videos:

Mandatory: What WTC looked like trough a real camera 1999 (compare this with the terrible software renderings/animations they showed us on TV 911):

Music video, album: Dogg Food (1995):

The movie Independence Day – Destruction 1996:

Suggest that you also study the other links I have given here, especially this smoking gun illustration of F175 hitting WTC at different heights, depending on what video you watch.

I could go on the whole week.