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Wow... just... wow...

"When peopel seek transparency in government, when people look to others to trust, secrets are not kept for OTHER's sakes."

Are you serious?

The "secret" was that Tom Woods kept his mouth shut when people were spreading lies about him... in order not to potentially divide or hurt the momentum of our movement.

That was a SELFLESS act, if anything you should be thanking him instead of portraying him as untrustworthy.

"so what do you mean, the enemy"

I don't know... call me crazy, but maybe he's referring to the fact that Mitch McConnell is part of the MAINSTREAM GOP ESTABLISHMENT WHO HAS BEEN MARGINALIZING, CHEATING, AND FIGHTING AGAINST US SINCE DAY ONE.

"How selfless, how altrusitic, how angry you are, and blaming Jesse, calling the GOP, the party Ron paul chose for us.. how dare you."