Comment: Do you know people who are from there?

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Do you know people who are from there?

I think the Rick Steves program was great. Important for people to see. And I, for one, believe that the people and the government - there and here, too - are not necessarily one and the same. I find it very heartening to see the you-tube videos from the Israeli's to the Iranians and visa versa. I was just saying that people are influenced by being in front of a camera, no less with a stranger doing the filming, and an American at that. I wouldn't know if it's the case there, but when some countries have visitors, they have guides or at least are told things they can or can't film. (I visited behind the Iron Curtain and was advised not to photograph either soldiers or things in rubble - both of which were all over.) What I had in mind, actually, was the university environment. That subject was featured in Reading Lolita in Tehran, the author who is now here.

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