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Tom Woods did not have

Tom Woods did not have comments open so I'll just tell him here: You are so real! You always tell it like it is and that is just so refreshing. We all thought you should have been in the campaign leadership and would have been an asset in presenting RPs platform and philosophy just as you are so articulate in presenting complicated and usually boring economic issues in an interesting manner.

I hope for all of our sake that RP or Rand's next campaign makes much better use of you. I would far rather see you gaining a 6 figure monthly salary then a guy that has it in him to aid and abet one of our neo-con adversaries. Of course, it is possible Jesse will help plummet McConnell to the bottom and lose his next election. I think Jesse is in for a rude awakening when he realizes the grassroots was the motor behind the R3volution and not him.