Comment: Yes, I know some Iranians.

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Yes, I know some Iranians.

Plus I love to travel, read, and follow foreign news. I thought Rick Steves did a great job trying not to be biased. I did read 'Reading Lolita in Tehran'. I have heard that it is extreme. As far as the university, I thought that the facts tell everything. Women are allowed to study and actually have a higher enrollment than men. The show did not hide the young women refusing to touch men and the bizarre segregation. Rick Steves showed the art, which he admits was offensive to him, but I thought it was pretty truthful. I love the lack of traffic regulation and mass refusal to obey. This inadvertently portrays how free the place is. Iranians get more boob and nose jobs than any other people. That says something right there. And the show rightly proclaimed how much Iranians love Americans. They really do. I have done much traveling. Not to Iran yet. But Americans are not so loved these days. As far as the head covers, I like them, although silly rules suck. The fanaticism over head covers there could not be worse than the 38 odd million ridiculous laws observed and respected here.